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The Little Way of Advent
The Little Way of Lent


Prayer Everywhere, the spiritual life made simple

The Little Way of Lent, meditations in the spirit of Therese of Lisieux

The Little Way of Advent, meditations in the spirit of Therese of Lisieux

Joseph, the man who raised Jesus

Inspired, the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit

Mary, in her own words

Thought of the Day

"What offends Jesus, what wounds Him to the Heart, is lack of confidence."


Devotions are an essential dimension of the spiritual life. They allow for our relationship with God to be more than an intellectual affair, to be a true affair of the heart. They give expression to the religious sense innate in every human being. The forms of popular piety we choose should flow out of the time we set aside to be alone each day with the Lord and spill back into this precious time.

-Prayer Everywhere


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